In the summer of 2007 in Nashville, TN, Shelley picked up her first hula hoop and immediately fell in love. Shortly after, she convinced Natalie to continue trying until she was able to successfully hula hoop. Soon after, they worked on learning their first handful of tricks and tried finding any excuse they could use to hula hoop.

     That winter, Shelley's hoop was slowly breaking so she learned how to make a hula hoop. From there, they spread their love of all things hooping to anyone who was willing to try. As their love for the art became infectious, they realized that they could possibly make a go of this as a business. By September of 2008, Hoopaholics Anonymous was born.

     They continue to share their love of hooping to anyone willing to learn, from kids to adults, by offering lessons. In the warmer months, they hosted free workshops to anyone interested at local parks around Nashville where they taught and continued to learn new tricks. They have also had the privilege of hosting multiple hula hoop contests each year for the Tennessee State Fair from 2011 to 2017. 


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